"Fig. 2A shows a configuration illustrating the integration of luminous display 30 with prior art brake lights 40 that requires only minor design modification to the form of prior art lights..."
"Fig. 2B shows another configuration of the dual brake light illustrating the integration of the radar activated CPU 28 controlled first display element 31 and radar activated CPU 28 controlled second display element 32 with prior art brake lights 40. ...For the most rapid decelerations, CPU 28 optionally can alternately flash first display element 31, second display element 32 and prior art brake lights 40 producing the greatest possible visual warning."

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figure 2
U.S. patent no. 7,162,369
"...with the integration of CPU 28 to compute and monitor the derived speed of forward vehicle 10 relative to the road, potentially hazardous decelerations can be uniquely identified, and by activation of either luminous display 30 or prior art brake lights 40, or both, a warning can be provided to the driver of trailing vehicle 50."
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